We present a novel selection technique for VR called LenSelect. The main idea is to decrease the Index of Difficulty (ID) according to Fitts’ Law by dynamically increasing the size of the potentially selectable objects. This facilitates the selection process especially in cases of small, distant or partly occluded objects, but also for moving targets. In order to evaluate our method, we have defined a set of test scenarios that covers a broad range of use cases, in contrast to often used simpler scenes. Our test scenarios include practically relevant scenarios with realistic objects but also synthetic scenes, all of which are available for download. We have evaluated our method in a user study and compared the results to two state-of-the-art selection techniques and the standard ray-based selection. Our results show that LenSelect performs similar to the fastest method, which is ray-based selection, while significantly reducing the error rate by 44%.

René Weller, Waldemar Wegele, Christoph Schröder, Gabriel Zachmann
Frontiers in Virtual Reality, 2021

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